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Our Board of Directors

Homeless Coalition of Polk County, Inc.
Board of Directors
Executive Director
Laura Lee Gwinn
Michael Brown,  Magellan Complete Care
 Annie Gibson, City of Lakeland
Jane Freeman, RN
Albert Kirkland, Jr., Lake Wales Housing Authority
Capacity Building
Assist and educate agencies to develop capacity.
Evaluates existing goals and priorities and monitors the progress of all member projects.
Financial Resources
Develops the financial resources and controls necessary to operate the HCPC.
Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and the annual report.
Monitors the progress of all member projects in which the coalition serves as fiscal agent.
Program & Advocacy
Plans special programs for presentation before the regular meeting on a quarterly basis.
Studies issues of concern and recommends advocacy action to the HCPC on behalf of the homeless.
Mary Jane Oglesby, Peace River Center
Membership & Public Relations
Determines the need for dues and the requirements for HCPC membership and works to increase
membership in the HCPC. Objective is to heighten public awareness of the homeless problem and the HCPC.
Strategic Planning
Evaluates existing goals and priorities and develop an overall strategic plan for the Coalition.
This committee shall consist of volunteers from the Coalition who shall advise the Board of Directors
regarding policies and projects related to Housing and Supportive Services for the homeless, Research and Data
(including Point in Time Survey), and Long Range Planning (including the HMIS System)  for the Coalition.
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